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CNTHAI is a comprehensive real estate agency in Thailand, operating under the laws of Thailand. We are known for having people of different nationalities and backgrounds, and believe that it provides us with a unique identity and also provides an advantage for the Thai real estate market.。

At CNTHAI We have the experience and expertise to help our clients succeed in mastering relevant Invest in Thailand property Common laws and regulationsCustomer priority is our philosophy. We provide the best quality consulting services and the most investment options to help investors make investment decisions.


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Yan Fei Wu

Managing Director
Yan Fei Wu Was born in Shanghai, study and work in Chiang mai, Thailand for ten years Graduated from Chiang Mai Royal University, business administration, proficient in Chinese, English, Thai and Japanese. "Integrity, empathy, attention to detail" is the rule Wu Yanfei has been following for many years. Since 2011, he has been engaged in real estate consulting and marketing planning in Thailand, starting from the grassroots level and mastering the operation of the Thai real estate consulting company. Now he is one of the leading real estate agents in Chiang Mai, specializing in Chinese customers, Wu Yanfei And experience has established a good reputation in Chiang Mai.
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Hu Wenwei

Hu Wenwei, a Thai national, graduated from the Chinese Department of Chiang Mai Royal University and studied at Beijing Normal University. Working in a public high school in northern Thailand, he has a long history and great influence. Hu Wenwei not only speaks Chinese and Thai fluently, but also helps to promote the integration of education, culture, institutions and laws between the two countries. In 2008, he won the first Chinese language certification in Thailand and has been committed to translating important issues in China and Thailand. Hu Wenwei inherited the fine tradition of "hard work and social virtues.”

“China is the root of the blood of overseas Chinese. We are willing to contribute more to the friendship between China and Thailand ! Do more than one responsibility!


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